Hello Greenland

Photo by yoonmee

It was indeed an adventure. Adventurous enough to make them consider themselves as pioneers.

From July 6 to July 9 of 2011,  four South Korean women—Getthefish, Hyunjoolee, Yoonmee, and Wanderer—traveled to southern part of Greenland.

Getthefish and Hyunjoolee arrived in Narsarsuaq, the gateway to South Greenland, one day earlier via Iceland from Seoul, South Korea. Yoonmee got to Nuuk in the morning of July 6 via Copenhagen from Hong Kong where she’s living now, and flew to Narsarsuaq in the afternoon with Wanderer, who has been living in Nuuk for the fourth month at that moment.

After meeting at the Narsarsuaq Airport, with a bit of—okay, LOTS of —exciting screams, they sailed off to Qaqortoq, their first destination.

During the rather short four days, they visited five towns and settlements: Narsarsuaq –> Qaqortoq –> Twin Glacier –> Narsarq –> Igaliku –> Qooroq Ice Fjord –> Qassiarsuk –> Narsarsuaq. Their original plan had included to visit Uunartoq where the famous hot spring is, but the water road was closed due to so many icebergs. Nature is king in Greenland, aka the pioneering nation.

They hiked glacier; sailed through icebergs; drank water from the iceberg tab; hiked a trail paved by sheep; woke up to sheep’s cry (or laugh); met one of the most popular painters in the country; and wandered around settlements making friends with the locals and visitors.

It was certainly a lifetime experience and they decided to share the unforgettable moments here, We Are Pioneers.

Please enjoy the S.Korean pioneers’ adventure in S.Greenland!

— We Are Pioneers


2 Responses to “Hello Greenland”

  1. Woke up in woe at the first sight of the land. 
Cute little (?) icebergs are welcoming the visitors and the quiet and peaceful mountains are waiving at us…or…i was still dreaming..
    Well…honestly, that reminded me of foams coming from a washing machine ha ha

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